Current access policies

HAPPYLAB open again 24/7

Due to the current legal situation around COVID-19, we can now give you 24/7 access to Happylab again as usual! Tours and training courses on the machines will also take place again starting next week.

Reservation Recommendation

In order to avoid large crowds and queues at Happylab, a reservation recommendation applies. Until further notice, every Happylab member receives one free reservation hour per day from us! However, machines can - if they are free - be used again beyond the reserved time. Members with a small membership can also reserve machines during the regular opening times via our Happylab Member portal. To ensure fair use of resources, we ask for your understanding that only reservations that are actually used will not be charged!

Guided tours & training courses with registration

Our Open Lab every Wednesday with guided tours for first-time visitors (7 p.m.) and free training courses on one machine (8 p.m.) starts again on Wednesday, May 13th 2020. Guided tours and training courses take place in small groups (max. 9 people) in order to be able to keep to the prescribed minimum distances. Registration for guided tours and training courses is therefore necessary. Dates & links for registration can be found in the "Next Events" column on

Mouth and nose protection & hygiene measures

In Happylab, wearing mouth and nose protection is mandatory. Please bring your own! In addition, we ask you to comply with the prescribed hygiene measures (see information material from BZgA ):

  • Keep enough distance from other people in the lab.
  • Regular and sufficiently long hand washing with soap and water.
  • Sneezing and coughing in the crook of the arm or a handkerchief.
  • Please stay at home if you feel sick - to protect yourself and others!
  • We will also clean the control panels regularly with even greater care.

Please help us to make Happylab a safe place for necessary work in these unusual times. Together, we can definitely do it! If these rules are not observed, we reserve the right to block membership. We are of course still available to answer your questions via email as usual!