The trial membership

9per month

→ register now

→ Cost-free access during opening hours


For regular usage

29per month

→ register now

→ Round-the-clock access on one fixed day per week
→ 2 hours cost-free machine reservation


Full flexibility

49per month

→ register now

→ Daily round-the-clock access to the machines at Happylab
→ 4 hours cost-free machine reservation

All memberships include:

→ Cost-free access during opening hours (Tue 9 am - 1 pm, Wed 6 - 10 pm, Thu 1 - 5 pm) 

→ Cost-free usage of all machines at Happylab*

→ Cost-free training courses on all machines

→ Access to our community tools

Add-on Packages


9per month

→ Storage for your personal belongings at Happylab
→ Dimensions: 50x80x20 cm
→ Available while stock lasts!

Storage Big

14pro Monat

→ Big storage for your personal belongings at Happylab
→ Dimensions: 100x80x20 cm
→ Available while stock lasts!

30 Days

79per month

→ Round-the-clock access for 30 days for members with small or medium memberships
→ Starting at date of registration
→ No binding commitment!

Minimum contract period 3 months. Upgrade possible anytime, downgrade and cancellation after the end of the minimum contract period with the end of the month. Charging monthly. Billing detailed to a daily level and aliquot fee in the month of registration. The General terms and conditions apply.

* For some machines a material fee based on usage will be charged (see Equipment).