It’s not rocket science

How the findings of the FFG project "FEM*mad - Female* Engagements in Making - Making a Difference" inspired us to the FEMALE* MAKER MONTH.

Since Happylab was founded 15 years ago, the goal has been to make digital technologies accessible to every woman/man. The credo of the founders was right from the start "It doesn't hurt if you've seen a computer before", but if not you can still learn how to use laser cutters, 3D printers & Co. with us and implement your ideas yourself - learning by doing.

Making - inklusive oder exklusive

Unfortunately, the maker community and the associated technologies are still primarily male-dominated: only about 20% of makerspace users are women*. That's why Happylab has been part of the FFG project "Female Engagements in Making* making a difference (FEM*mad)" since 2019 and serves as a research field. The aim is to try out new approaches to an inclusive making environment.

This year the project is coming to an end and our experiences and insights result in the FEMALE* MAKER MONTH - in a hooray for the Makers* from our community.

(c) Graphics right side: The Women* Who Made It: Experiences from Being a Woman* at a Maker Festival

Become a female* maker yourself!

Throughout the month, events exclusively by & for women* take place at Happylab: In May 2022, we invite women* to take part in a tour of the open workshop, an exhibition of projects by our makers*, as well as workshops and tutorials by & for women*, try out new things with us and get rid of reservations about digital production technologies.

Make your own makerspace 

Our partners from the FEM*mad project are of course also part of it. On May 5th and 20th, they want to design a "perfect" makerspace together with the visitors - according to the motto "Make your makerspace". Participants can design their own makerspace with Lego, cardboard, modeling clay, printed photos, etc.

Women* to the workbench! We look forward to meeting you, to the exchange, input and your projects: Now it's your turn!

FEM*mad is a joint project between Happylab Wien, Mz. Balthazar’s Laboratory, Austrian Institute of Technology, and the Center for Human Computer Interaction (Universität Salzburg) and part of the program “Talente” that is operated by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG.