Summer camps at Happylab Vienna

Holiday programme for children aged 8 - 14

→ "Do it yourself with 3D printing, electronics & textile design" 

→ Leisure activities depending on your mood and the weather

→ One-week holiday care including catering


for children aged 8 - 12

This exciting summer week at Happylab is all about "Do it yourself - with 3D printing, electronics and textile design". During the week-long summer camps, the children become real makers themselves and get to know our makerspace and all its equipment.

Every day, they tackle a new project and work together on screwing, soldering, plotting and tinkering. The children can also let off steam creatively at the same time. All the projects they build can of course be taken home with them!

Exciting programme

The programme includes workshops on 3D printing, electronics and textile design:

  • Holzflitzer Rallye: We start the summer camp with our Holzflitzer Rallye - the car race for makers and all those who want to become one. The children build their own racing car and send it into the race on our 8 metre long CNC-milled track in the Happylab.
  • 3D design & 3D printing: The children design their own 3D models on the computer and can see how they become three-dimensional objects on the 3D printer.
  • Drawdio - Music from a pencil: In just a few steps, the children build their own electronic musical instrument from a normal pencil and a few electronic components.
  • Textile design - Make your own T-shirt: The children use a cutting plotter and transfer press to apply their previously designed motifs to T-shirts. There are no limits to their creativity!
  • Woodturning - Put your hand to the wood: Equipped with an apron, safety goggles and a woodturning knife, the children discover the world of round woodworking. Using the child-safe equipment, everyone turns their own self-made workpiece.
  • Recycling adventure: At the end of the summer camp, the children make new moulds from used plastics. The raw materials are shredded and the children create new moulds by injection moulding, which they can take home with them.

In the afternoon, it's off to the park, the museum or a fun park - depending on their mood and the weather!

Daily schedule in both weeks

08:45 - 09:00: Arrival

09:00 - 11:30: Workshop (Friday ends at 12:00)

11:30 - 12:30: Lunch

12:30 - 16:00: Leisure activities

16:00: Pick up at Happylab

DATES 2024

22.07.24 - 26.07.24

05.08.24 - 09.08.24


370 per week and participant. The price includes all materials for the workshops, leisure activities and catering (hot lunch and snack).