Do you remember? Dale Dougherty, visionary of the Maker movement and co-founder of "Make" magazine, paid us a visit in June.

Now, he has penned a comprehensive article about Happylab for the current issue of the American Make.

Happylab Vienna, the first makerspace in Austria, was inspired by Professor Herbert “Happy” Hörtlehner, who taught electronics and robotics at local schools and at the University of Vienna. Both of Happylab’s founders, Roland Stelzer and Karim Jafarmadar, were students of the professor in computer science, although at different times.  ..."

If you click on the image, you can read the entire article. We hope you enjoy the read!

Also, listen to what Dale Dougherty says about Happylab.

"It's a fantastic space - one of the best really in the world ... I think there is a spirit here of people doing work together, it's a creative lab. I wish more people could come here and see it like I did ..."

We are very happy about these words and are proud of our community!